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Club Rules and Policies

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General Rules of Curling

The general rules of curling play will be those established by the Ontario Curling Association and all rule interpretations will be the responsibility of your draw committee or curling staff.

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House Rules

In addition the following House Rules apply:

  • It is necessary that all Members register online for leagues, clinics and special events. Online signup is available through the Club’s website. Members who wish to participate must have indicated so by the noted date.
  • It will be the responsibility of the skip to guide, instruct and assist all curlers, and to conduct their play in accordance with the high standards of sportsmanship associated with the game of curling.
  • The vice-skip will be responsible for the score of the game and its attendant recording on the online system or noted system.
  • Players are responsible for finding their own spare. Their team should be notified once a spare is secured.
  • In the event of a team being short 1 player and unable to obtain a spare, it is required that the lead plays 3 stones, the second plays 3 stones and the skip plays 2
  • In the interest of good sportsmanship and the pleasure of our Members, 8 end curling games will be completed within 2 hours. 
  • All arbitration of the Club curling rules will be done by the Board of Directors or referees appointed by the Board of Directors.

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Health & Safety

Please review the Gravenhurst Curling Club Fall Policy prior to your first time on the ice.

Curling Ontario's information on Rowan's Law and Concussion Awareness resources.

Government of Ontario Rowan's Law resource site.

Curling Canada Concussion Code of Conduct.

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Gravenhurst Curling Club By-Laws

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Member Waivers

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